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Top 10 Best Safeties in the NFL 2017

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The days of Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu are over, but they inspired the new generations of elite safeties. Who is the best safety in the NFL? There have been many young safeties step up to the plate and be regarded as elite. For the best NFL safeties, the stereotype that defensive players can’t catch is not relevant. These are the best safeties in the NFL 2017.

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11 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Safeties in the NFL 2017

  1. Do you agree with this list?… or do you think i’m an idiot! Whether you love or hate this list, comment on who you think was too high or too low on this list! Did I miss someone? Comment your opinion on this list and feel free to let me know what list to do next.

    1. NFL Top Ten Didn’t Devin have 90+ tackles last season? He also helped shutdown the Falcons and Julio Jones. Plus too many injured players who weren’t top 10.

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