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Tennis Fitness & Footwork With ATP Player | Speed & Agility

Hey! Here is a fitness session with Paulo (ATP player from Brazil) before he travels to another round of tournaments! You can complete the ROUTINE by making 2-3 sets of those 6 exercises. Focus ALWAYS on quality over quantity. If you can do 2 at 100% better than doing 3 sets

Day in the Life of a Junior Tennis Player: Episode 2 – Using my “T”

Today, Avantika vlogs her usual tennis day on youtube. Avantika was really focusing on her positioning on the tennis court, along with consistency. Never give up guys, and keep working towards your goals. Comment down below if you liked the first vlog better or this one and why... Buy Alien Pros

It’s only rain @Chris Morris Tennis

Chris Morris (age 10) Chris experienced a full summer picking up tennis balls for my clients. This time when it rained it poured! Reluctant to finish the job he braved the conditions.