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What Was Your First Piece of Hockey Memorabilia?

I wanted to share my story on how I obtained my first piece of hockey memorabilia/merch. I am hoping you will share yours as well. If you want to be featured please film a 45 second or less clip telling the story about your first piece of hockey

Meet The Most MASSIVE Quarterback In NFL History

Jared Lorenzen aka the Hefty Lefty has become infamous as the largest quarterback to play in the NFL. He was pushing 300 pounds his entire career. Just wanted to make another unique NFL story, let me know if you enjoyed! Check me out on Twitter: Welcome to my channel! My videos


Hope you guys enjoyed this new style, be sure to toss the video a LIKE if you did! I wanted to give you more of a behind-the-scenes look into our team and my thoughts after each game. Had a ton of filming this one...and this is just the beginning. Part

Bar Down Hockey Show 4-9-17

In this episode of the Bar Down Hockey Show the cast touches on the Arizona Coyotes a little more indepth than usual. They briefly discuss the NHL's decision not to have their players play in the Olympics and break down the playoffs.