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NFL WEEK 2 RECAP 2018 (NFL Week 2 Breakdown 2018) Packers vs Vikings – Chiefs vs Steelers

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8 thoughts on “NFL WEEK 2 RECAP 2018 (NFL Week 2 Breakdown 2018) Packers vs Vikings – Chiefs vs Steelers

  1. The roughing the passer penalty on the Vikings didn’t happen on a game winning play. Neither should be called but they aren’t really comparable based on the impact they had. And it wasn’t even just the penalty on Matthews, there was about 5 other highly questionable calls on the Packers. I’m not normally one to say “the fix is in” but you ask why the Packers couldn’t close out the game? It’s because the refs didn’t want them to

    1. On the Jimmy Graham TD the OL wrapped him up and tackled him to the ground lol bout is obvious as it gets. Mind Blowing your arguing that one. Adams pushing Rhodes in the back was the right call, any type of push in the back while playing full speed is significant no matter what sport it is. The Vikings got the same type of calls + More. Like I said the Vikings had more penalties and yards and your basically saying every single call on the Packers was wrong. Theres teams that had record numbers of penalty yards already this season but your complaining about these ones. The Packers had great opportunities to put this game away early at home, they didnt execute, no one to blame but themselves. End of story.
      I respect your opinions even though I strongly strongly disagree and I thank you for watching our videos. I believe im fair when discussing about any game or teams. Not trying to be rude by saying this but If you dont agree with that you dont have to watch, but obviously I would like for all current viewers to continue to come back.

    2. Frogs Angels Packers would’ve sealed the win with the Jimmy Graham TD but the refs threw a flag for holding when the d lineman clearly tripped over his own feet. Packers could’ve sealed the game if the refs even bothered to review Adams last drive TD or called the obvious pass interference on him by Waynes the very next play. Or the obvious DPI they didn’t call on the guy covering Graham but then they call a phantom OPI on Adams the very next play. We got 3 points from a bad call but we were robbed of 17. Without the refs this game wouldn’t have been close and of course you don’t want to admit that as a Vikings fan who is so sure the Vikings are the better team. Y’all got let off the hook yesterday

    3. Couldnt disagree more. The roughing the passer call on the Vikings resulted in a last second FG before the half…Thats a game changing moment. You say the Packers had 5 questionable calls…they had 7 total penalties, while the Vikings had more while having more yards in penalties, so basically any call on the packers is questionable….. Rodgers had thrown a pick in the game and during the run back a flag was thrown on the Vikings for defensive holding to give the ball back, not going to question this too much but if it was the other way around it would be “questionable” im sure. Also Allison caught a ball clearly on his knees, Vikings fault for not challenging but it shouldn’t be missed by the refs. No reason for the refs to fix a game for the Vikings over the Packers, and it was clear that wasnt the case. At the end of the day the Packers got there fair share of rewards and could close it out, but the Vikings got to make easy kicks.

  2. Don’t worry, as browns fans were disappointed that OUR team WON the game. But the kicker felt differently… maybe another day…?

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