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Golf Talk with Ann Liguori [EDITED INTERVIEW]

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This is the rest of Tina Cervasio’s conversation with Ann Liguori, a nationally renowned sports radio and television golf and tennis broadcaster.

After talking about Tiger’s comeback and previewing the 2018 Masters, which aired on FOX 5 NY and Sports Xtra, hear what else Ann had to say about the world of golf.

They reflected on her show “Sports Innerview with Ann Liguori,” which aired nationally syndicated for 17 years. Ann talked about her most memorable guests, like Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Sam Snead, Alice Cooper, and Lawrence Taylor.

Tina and Ann discussed the business benefits of playing golf, such as her jewelry collaboration with Dune Jewelry called Hampton Rope, which brings sand from your favorite beaches and bunkers to the pieces in the collection.

Ann also talked about playing Augusta and the Ann Liguori Foundation’s annual golf outing.

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