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Free Hitting – The Most Underrated Way Of Tennis Training

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With so much information online and on the court about tennis technique, practicing patterns of play with drills and working on your mental game, you may forget that one of the best ways to practice is to just hit down the middle with your partner.

It is one of the most important practice sessions you can do for your tennis as it has many benefits.

You will learn:

– why playing for points is one of the worst things you can do for your technique if it’s not stable yet,
– two ways of improving your technique and other skills when rallying with your partner,
– why a free hitting session is not boring (I will say everything that goes through my mind as I play),
– and one the hidden benefits of such practice that affects your mind.

I have played thousands of hours just hitting down the middle with my tennis buddies over the years and I credit this type of practice for developing high level skills and techniques in tennis.

So I really recommend that you set some time away for this (long) video and consider all the ideas I share in it.

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