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2018 NFL Draft DE Rankings – Defensive End Prospect Rankings Bradley Chubb Marcus Davenport

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11 thoughts on “2018 NFL Draft DE Rankings – Defensive End Prospect Rankings Bradley Chubb Marcus Davenport

  1. You’ve been listening to way to many so-called “EXPERTS” comparing
    Taven Bryan to J.J. Watt.

    1. Never compared him to Watt, I do not go off what media says ever.
      From what I see from Bryan I just like him better as a 3-4 end. I think we saw a lack of production from him because he wasnt in the right spot at FL even tho he still played very well.

  2. Most 3/4 DE are not pass rushers. I don’t see Taven Bryan as a Pro Bowler.
    I look at guys like DE as REAL pass rushers. Aldon Smith & Jason TAYLOR
    came into the league Tall & skinny like Landry & Key, .. while Von Miller &
    Khalil Mack ARE DE’s in the NFL.

    1. You mean you like him as a ‘Pass Rusher’, .. because he’s too small
      to play DE in the NFL. You should have saved him for your “EDGE Video”.
      You know I’m right! .. By the way, .. I don’t listen to anybody, because
      I don’t consider anybody a expert. .. I watch film & decide if what they’ve
      done translates to THE NFL. .. I remember when Mike Mayock *SHOT*
      lil jonni foosball to *THE TOP* of his QB Rankings a few years back,
      while I was watching film of Derek Carr & Jimmy G zipping passes
      into tight spaces on film thinking how stupid these so-called “EXPERTS” are.

    2. Because I like him at DE, sure he can play OLB and media and teams seem to think thats more likely but these are my rankings/thoughts. You listen to “EXPERTS” too much actually.

    3. Its DE rankings not pass rusher rankings.
      Edge rushers are in next video (DE/3-4 OLBs)
      Miller and Mack have played both DE and 3-4 OLB in there careers so far. I for sure view Miller as a OLB over DE. Obviously 4-3 ends and 3-4 olb are very similar but I prefer to split them up.

  3. MY DE!
    1. Bradley Chubb
    2. Marcus Davenport
    3. Harold Landry
    4. Sam Hubbard
    5. Arden Key
    6. Rasheen Green
    7. Dorance Armstrong
    8. Chad Thomas
    9. Duke Ejiofor
    10. Josh Sweat

    1. I have Harold Landry with the EDGE prospects (DE/3-4 OLBs).
      Taven Bryan did and can play 4-3 DT, however I really like his potential at 3-4 End so thats why I included him in this video.

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